Handmade Leather Bags in Chicago

Whether you need a leather tote bag to carry your daily essentials or a stylish evening clutch, you will find what you are looking for at a Chicago handmade leather bags store. These products are handcrafted and of the highest quality, and they make a stylish and unique gift for a loved one or a friend. These bags are made by talented Chicago-based designers such as Meg Musick, Chester Mox, Dearborn Denim, and Laudi Vidni.
Laudi Vidni

Looking for a personalized handbag? Look no further than the customizable options offered by Laudi Vidni, a woman-owned accessory label based in Chicago. Whether you’re looking for a simple clutch, a leather tote or a larger tote, you can find the perfect style with the right combination of leathers, linings, hardware, and strap length. All Laudi Vidni bags are made in the USA and shipped within three to five weeks.

The Laudi Vidni customer is like any other woman who appreciates the beauty of a handbag but doesn’t want to deal with a big logo. Instead, she wants to be involved in the design process to ensure that her handbag is perfect. This makes it a perfect fit for women in Chicago and those who visit this city to buy a bag. Moreover, it’s great news for the local leather goods industry that there’s a truly incredible manufacturer in the city!
Chester Mox

For handmade leather goods, look no further than Chester Mox. The husband-and-wife team behind the company has over twelve years of experience in the industry. They source the finest leathers from top tanneries, and they also accept custom orders in exotic skins. The wallets and briefcases at Chester Mox are all hand-made to order, including all stitching and paint application. In addition, they can have your monogram placed on them in the leather of your choice.

Although the quality of their handmade leather goods may not be as high as some other brands, Chester Mox offers an excellent value for money. The brand’s products are handcrafted in Los Angeles, which makes them the ideal gift for a special someone. For those who prefer a minimalist style, a slim card case is the perfect choice. There’s something elegant and practical about the simplicity of this wallet. It’s made to fit in perfectly with your style and personality, yet is still stylish enough to be carried with you everywhere.
Meg Musick

Meg Musick handbags are made from quality leather and are hand-stamped with personal messages and poetry. The designer has a background in dance, art, and design and her pieces are inspired by vintage music memorabilia. You can find Meg Musick bags in boutiques throughout the U.S., including Fortunate Discoveries in Chicago. If you are looking for the perfect gift, Meg Musick bags are a great choice.

Meg Musick began her career as a multi-line sales representative. She then decided to create her own line of leather goods and accessories made of reclaimed vinyl records, album covers, and concert t-shirts. These products are incredibly unique and one-of-a-kind. Meg Musick handmade leather bags Chicago are also available online, as custom orders. If you’re looking for a handbag to compliment your favorite designer, check out Meg’s line of leather goods.
Dearborn Denim

Rob McMillan, the founder of Dearborn Denim, is a savvy businessman who believes that quality products should be accessible to everyone. His business started with a passion for fashion and began by making t-shirts in his high school. Today, the company has expanded to include two locations in Hyde Park and Andersonville. His products are made with the same care and attention to detail as his company’s jeans.

Like his clothing, Dearborn Denim’s handcrafted leather bags are also affordable. The company’s name is derived from the flag of Chicago, which features the Fort Dearborn star. Every pair of jeans proudly bears the logo. For more information about Dearborn Denim’s products, visit the website. Here, you can find more information about the company’s mission, including their mission statement. You can also view their Instagram and Facebook pages to stay updated on their latest products.

If you are looking for a handmade leather bag, look no further than the latest offering from Lacour. The talented Chicago leather craftsman has been designing and creating handmade leather products for ten years. Before creating his own handcrafted leather brand, Lacour spent 10 years in federal prison on drug-related charges. The success of his designs has prompted him to share his knowledge with the community. You can view his latest offering at the Hyde Park Art Center through March 2020.

In addition to handmade leather bags, Lacour also designs and produces other items from natural materials such as cork and bamboo. He has exhibited his work at a number of pop-up shops throughout Chicago, but recent outbreaks of coronavirus have halted his pop-up appearances. For now, Lacour relies on word-of-mouth and referrals to stay busy. He also plans to scale his business by finding a manufacturer and continuing to hand-make custom pieces. He hopes to host a pop-up show at his home later this year.