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Mental health, medication and research are definitely a daunting niche for any blog site but we have taken up the challenge to bring the many facets of it to our readers. Most people think that mental health is about mental disorders. In reality it is not so. Absence of any illness is mental health from a positive aspect. What exactly is the definition of mental health? The one offered by Medilexicon’s medical dictionary comes closest. It says that mental health is –

“Emotional, behavioral, and social maturity or normality; the absence of a mental or behavioral disorder; a state of psychological well-being in which one has achieved a satisfactory integration of one’s instinctual drives acceptable to both oneself and one’s social milieu; an appropriate balance of love, work, and leisure pursuits.”

Exploring the different aspects of mental health, coupled with various disorders, medication and ongoing research in this area is what our blog site is all about.

Here is a snap shot of the many facets of mental health that we cover.

The first is the topic of mental health in very generic terms. Blogs in this section go into the various aspects of mental health, types of disorders, symptoms of degenerating mental abilities and treatment. A lot will be explored about the early signs of mental disorders because that is one area most visitors to our site will be interested to know.

Blogs on our site are contributed by eminent personalities who are experts of mental health and disorders including psychoanalysts and psychiatrists. Hence every post on our site carries the stamp of credibility and authenticity.

On the niche of medication, our blogs are mostly just suggestive in nature. This is because treatments for mental disorders differ from person to person. Two people may be suffering from anxiety disorders or schizophrenia disorders with almost the same symptoms but the way they will be treated may be completely different based largely on the reasons behind their problems.

However, on this topic of medication we leave it to the discretion of contributors to our site to suggest remedies. They are after all well known authorities of mental disorders.

Our blogs also cover ongoing research in mental health in great detail. Our team of bloggers who are all well conversant on this subject make in-depth online searches to bring to our readers news, information and updates on the latest research and discoveries in the mental health sector.

We have made our blog site interactive in nature because we feel that our learned readers have a lot to add to our site. Hence we invite interested bloggers and those with great professional expertise in mental health to send their write-ups to us on the subject. Blogs can be on any topic so long as it is relevant to our niche.

We will inform our valuable contributors by email once the blogs are posted on our site.