4 Post Car Lifts

When you are working on a car, you will need to use a 4 post car lift. A 4 post lift has two runways and is designed to lift the vehicle off the ground. You can purchase optional rolling jacks to elevate the vehicle off the ground. These jacks help you perform tire work on the vehicle without removing the tires. This article will compare four different models so you can decide which is right for you.

The FP9K 4-Post Lift is a cable-driven, high capacity storage lift. It has extended length and width and an industry-leading lifting capacity of 9000 pounds. In addition, the FP9K includes a poly caster kit and four drip trays. Its 188.5″ runway offers a wide range of capabilities. MoRNLIFT’s FP9K 4-Post Lift is suitable for both residential and commercial use, and includes a freestanding or wall-mounted caster kit.

The MoRNLIFT FP9K 4-post car lift features an advanced safety system, including an automatic shut-off mechanism. It is equipped with a locking ladder column design to prevent any mishaps during operation. Its diamond-plated runways provide extra grip for the loaded vehicle. It has beefed-up posts, a powder-coat finish, and limit switches for added safety.
BendPak HD7P

A BendPak HD7P 4 post car lifting system is the answer for many mechanics. These units are made of durable steel and feature over-engineered designs to eliminate stress on wire rope and axles. The dual-hub cable sheaves are spring-loaded for maximum safety. The units also feature multiple lock positions and pneumatic push-button controls. If you have a garage, a BendPak car lift system is the perfect solution for you.

This four-post lift system includes a rolling oil drain pan, sliding jack tray, and portable wheel kits. The HD7P car lift system is suited for vehicles up to 3,175 lbs. This system is also suitable for smaller spaces and vehicles. This car lift system is easy to install and requires no special skills to use. It is delivered on a flatbed truck and requires only a forklift to assemble.
Tuxedo FP9K

If you’re looking for a four post car lift, you may want to look into the Tuxedo FP9K. This model is built with an industrial grade steel frame, boxed posts, and a lifting capacity of twelve thousand pounds. This lift is easy to assemble and has a clean construction. This lift can be installed in as little as six hours and does not require a special foundation.

This Tuxedo FP9K 4-post car lift has a maximum elevation of 77 inches, providing ample clearance under the car for parking and tuning. The lift comes with all of the mounting hardware needed for proper installation and includes a top-notch safety system. The lift features an automatic shut-off system and a lock ladder column design to prevent accidental lifting. Diamond-plated runways provide extra grip for the loaded vehicle. The lift’s powder-coated posts are also corrosion-resistant.
GrandPrix GP-9F

A GrandPrix car lift is a perfect addition to any garage and will transform your vision of the ultimate car lift. Its dual post design minimizes the risk of door damage during vehicle servicing and has low-pro arms for the ultimate in comfort and ground-hugging profile. Using this lift, you’ll be able to work with your vehicle at any angle, without fear of spraining your knees or getting injured.

The GP-9F is a versatile, productive car lift that can accommodate projects, daily drivers, and classic cars. The GrandPrix features must-have accessories, which most home car lift companies charge extra for. The GP-9F offers capacity, productivity, and value. For this price, you’ll find a car lift that meets your needs. Make it a habit to upgrade your car lift often!