What Do Escorts Demand Before Getting Intimate With You?

Escort service is the safest way of meeting a girl for intimacy in exchange for money. Although prostitution has always been a cheaper source, it comes with a lot of issues such as diseases, legal issues, and threats. Escorts are check to be free of any sexual disease, and most of the escorts prefer to be them, which also takes off the “illegal” cap over such service. The legal escort services provide confidentiality and comfort to their clients. They maintain their service as well as their escorts and have their own limits over the service they offer. Here are the things the escorts might demand to clarify before you engage in intimate sessions.


Before you meet an escort, you will be connecting with them directly where you can discuss what service you are expecting to get. You can tell them your preferences, and they will agree only if the escorts are comfortable in fulfilling your demand. Otherwise, they will say no to you, and you will be redirected to another escort who is comfortable with your demands.


The escort expects you to agree to the amount she demands. Escort services are categorized, and the escorts know how much they can charge a client. Based on your requirements over the services such as BDSM, GFE, etc., they will tell you how much you need to pay. You can try to bargain over the phone, and hopefully, they will provide you some discounts. But do not make this mistake after you meet the escort and she is in your room. This will be an instant turn off, and she might just leave. The escort expects you to make your payment as soon as possible to avoid any awkward conversations on money and services. Do not discuss your deals again after meeting, get done with the payment and enjoy your time.

Health Check-Up

As much as you care for your health while getting intimate with an escort, they do too. You will hardly find an escort service which provides an STD infected escort. They will also ask you to use a condom during the intercourse as an extra measure. The escort will first check for any signs of diseases and infection over your body parts. Now, this may sound awkward, but the escorts are professionals, and they know how to do their checks and make it entertaining for you. Just go with the flow and let them assure themselves of their safety.

Be a gentleman

Apart from anything else, if you really want to have a good time with an escort, you need to be a gentleman. Greet the escort at the door like a normal person, it is fine if you are nervous, but do not overdo things to make it weird for both of you. Let her make herself comfortable. Give her a tour of your house so she can feel safe about her privacy. Offer her a glass of water and sit down to talk. Try to not hand over the cash to her, instead keep it in a place where she can find it easily. For example, keep the cash next to the sink so she can count and keep it while she uses the washroom. Do not interfere in her personal life unless she is okay to open up. Keep your relation romantic but also keep reminding yourself that she is providing you with a service.